Europe and new markets are covered from the Italian Branch of H&H Sports Protection.
This branch was established in 2009, as a design and distribution center for the European marketplace.

The Italian Branch has developed many private brands and covered a business scope from the high-end professional business to general public consumption.

Nitek European helmet distribution is handled directly through Pistoia along with track support of the MOTO GP riders. The style center actively creates leading designs and helmet creations.

The Main Brand of the Corporation now is Origine, which has cut a striking figure in Italian market and made significant sales achievements. Origine products represent the desire to possess a comfortable and practical accessory, to satisfy the human necessity of travelling.  Origine's objective is to implement safety and reliability in the daily life. Our helmets have been studied specifically for urban, sportive and off-road safety; our style choices are sober and contemporary, aimed to reduce the noise of the nowadays too much exasperated advertisement, to leave more space to the simplicity of the everyday.

Origine founds its operative structure, from the 100% Italian Design to the distribution all over the territory.
Origine is a dynamic range connected to the world thanks to the supported Bluetooth System technology, which allows the user to always be reached, even while driving, in complete safety!Covering all of the major regions in Italy with over 20 sales agents, the Italian branch distributes its products through most major motorcycle retail and accessory retail locations as well as servicing major.


Since November 2013 the Italian office take care of JUST 1 brand, from the design side to the distribution in all over the world. 

New Innovative TEKnology: bring safety and soul combined with the determination of successfully creating purebred racing helmets through years of manufacturing experience and technological advancements.

With the incredible technology that brings to the off-road market place, Just 1 is on the leading edge of the next generation of moto helmet brands who bring aggressive styling and extremely low weight.

Origine helmets are part of a product range intended for all: popular yes but fashionable, comfortable but not demanding, vintage and detailed at the same time. Origine‘s objective is to implement safety and reliability in the daily life.