THE AMERICAN BRANCH is the North America arm of the company that develops and promotes products developed exclusively for the North American marketplace.

The American branch actively promotes and distributes the TORC, NiTEK, JUST 1, ORIGINE and BLiNC brands throughout the North American market .

Torc Helmets, a subsidiary of H&H Sports Protection, was born and is based in the same town that gave birth to the motorcycle helmet. In 1953,only a few short miles from our headquarters in Commerce, California, USC Professor C.F. Lombard applied for the patent on what would become the motorcycle helmet. It only seems fitting that in the town that not only produced the first motorcycle helmet but also is home to the highly respected and widely known Hurt Report, that H&H SportsProtection would choose this modern mecca of the motorcycle helmet as it’s home.

When Torc was born, there existed 2 types of helmets:


1) Cool

2) Price Point


Torc changed a mindset. It is our belief that a rider shouldn’t have to pick quality and cool instead of price. We set out to create a lifestyle brand focused on the most important price points in the western hemisphere.

NITEK The American branch has also begun distributing the companies top of the line NiTEK racing helmets in order to compete in the North American high end helmet market.

JUST 1 brand will allow the American Branch to develop more also the OFF ROAD sector, with a brand that is the leader in this sector.

BLINC Bluetooth helmet is favored by the customers as a result of leading technology and attractive price, which got its first place of annual recommended products in motorcycle retailers trade fairs held in Indiana, U.S. in 2009

New Innovative TEKnology: bring safety and soul combined with the determination of successfully creating purebred racing helmets through years of manufacturing experience and technological advancements.

With the incredible technology that brings to the off-road market place, Just 1 is on the leading edge of the next generation of moto helmet brands who bring aggressive styling and extremely low weight.

TORC Helmets create a lifestyle brand focused on the most important price points in the western hemisphere.