NiTEK is an acronym for "New Innovation Technology." Our name really is our mission statement. Our mission is simply stated: To create the finest sports protection safety products ever built .Our passion is realized in creating realized in creating helmets that are both stylish and completely functional while being worn at speed.

NiTEK uses optically correct shields, which are enhanced by using the innovative Pinlock shield insert.

We take innovation a step further with the NiTEK P1 by developing a single pin dual purpose system that fastens internally to the shield insert and on the exterior which serves as a mounting system for racing tear-offs.

NiTEK Diamond innovates in creating a truly leading-edge dual-purpose helmet. We take the Diamond to another level by creating the world's first adjustable flow separator completely controlled by wind resistance.

NiTEK Interceptor innovates by offering the world's first flush mounted shield system, lowering resistance by creating a truly flat surface.

NiTEK is new innovative technology, both practically and fashionably applied.

Thanks to the double homologations (DOT and ECE), the NiTEK helmets are currently sold in almost all the world.

Growing of NiTEK brand is proved from the many activities of sponsorship in the racing field.

During 2014 Moto GP season, NiTEK is official sponsor and partner of Moto 3, Moto 2 and Moto GP riders.