H&H Sports Protection is your perfect partner  in order to have access to a global range of offerings designed to help you get to market in the faster and successful way for your company.

Of course you need a supplier that provides excellent support on a global basis, top quality products at competitive costs and is easy to do business with but you also need that supplier that understands the unique needs that you have as an OEM such as advanced notification of lifecycle events, product customization and third party integration.

All the strategic centers of H&H Sports Protection can contribute to develop your project.

H&H Style Center, pulsing heart of the Italian office since 2011, takes life from the need to develop a totally Italian style and technology applied to sports protections.

Every member of the team has a vocational training recognized on an European level and specific knowledge in: Automotive/Industrial design, telecommunication and marketing.

To offer our best result we care for each detail: the Style Center keeps pace with the times, supported by the most updated software. Our projects are created from a sketch, which becomes an illustration, than a 3D model and finally a photorealistic render.

One of the characteristics of our H&H Style Center is the ability to entirely follow an OEM project, refreshing the image of an existing product or simply following orders to create a new idea which help you differentiate your solution in the marketplace and extend your brand.

Building innovative design solutions is what original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) like you do every day. To run those solutions, you require high-quality, highest flexibility stable and well-engineered technology that can be built to order to meet your specific needs. All this offered after an accurate study of the newest trends, of the targets and the markets, without forgetting the production, in order to fully satisfy every customer’s taste and needs, we focus on innovation—letting you do what you do best.


H&H helps OEMs be more competitive by reducing your research and development costs, testing, support and operations costs, while speeding your time-to-market with a complete portfolio of world-class solutions and support.