Shanghai Saiyang Sports Products Co., Ltd. of H&H Sports Protection was established in 2007. It is a regional sales center the Group has set up in order to satisfy the ever-growing needs in domestic high-end market with high-end motorcycle riders and enthusiasts for extreme motorcycle sports as its main consumer group. With the external demand and the efforts of the sales team, Saiyang Co., Ltd. has developed 29 agents with strong strength, 1500 real sales outlets, 250 on-line sales agencies and 9 T-mall agencies all over China. The sales network covers cities and regions all over China. Saiyang Co., Ltd. has wide-spread and loyal consumer groups and has become a second to none helmet dealer in China.

Saiyang Co., Ltd. is a united, dedicated, efficient and hard-working team, which is the solid foundation for the development of Saiyang. There are elites from helmet industry in this vigorous team to form a professional operation team that is proficient in helmet industry and services and marketing, and is highly qualified and efficient.

At present, the brand of Saiyang Co., Ltd. is Tanked Racing. The brand was built and started operation in Germany in 1992 and kick-started its internationalization progress in 1994. Since then it has entered American market and Chinese market successively and set up the Global Design Center in order to satisfy the different aesthetic needs and value orientations of the consumers from all over the world.

Saiyang Company is established aiming at domestic high-end market, it’s competitive advantage is its good quality product, hospitality and professional service, and advanced R&D standard. Currently it has covered China’s different provinces and starts to expand its business to Southeast Asia market.

Under the strategic guidance of group’s brand operating transportation, Saiyang Company also as its new mission which is to be the operational platform in China and to become the comprehensive operator of both national and international well-known brand.

In the future Saiyang Company will keep its advantage in R&D and enlarge its sales channels to build the perfect motorcycle sport product system.